Bowker Orford

Based in: London

{t} 020 7636 6391

We are founder members of the Institute of Chartered Accountants Entertainment and Media Group. We have been acting for clients in the music business for over 30 years and have extensive experience acting on behalf of performers, music publishers and all related areas. As a result we have a good knowledge of copyright, royalty accounting and tax issues. We have in excess of 500 actors as clients, including many household names, and we act for a number of theatrical production companies and theatrical agents.

Bambridge Accountants

Based in: London

{t} 020 7836 3046

Specialists in the entertainment industry. Our advice is tailored to you.

The total fee to produce and submit your self assessment tax return is £275. We are pleased to offer CastingCallPro members a 25% discount on this fee.

Breckman & Company

Based in: London

{t} 020 7499 2292

Breckman & Company, chartered certified accountants, have specialised in the Arts and Entertainment Industry for over 40 years, for both individuals and companies. We are based in the West End of London, near the heart of Theatreland.

Centre Stage

Based in: Manchester

{t} 0161 655 2000

Centre Stage is a firm of Chartered Accountants specialising in the Entertainment Industry. Our experience over many years has led us to believe that there is a need for the kind of specialism we can offer due to the many unusual aspects of the entertainment industry. For example, many actors hold down other jobs, many temporary, often during or between acting jobs, but are treated as self-employed.

David Evans Chartered Accountants

Based in: North West

{t} 01200 428460

David Evans Chartered Accountants has acted for individuals and businesses involved in creative work, as well as charities involved in community arts, for over 10 years. We have a wealth of experience and expertise.


Based in: London

{t} 020 7372 6494

For many years, we have been successfully offering specialist accounting, taxation and financial services to people in the entertainment professions right across the UK.


Based in: Sussex

{t} 01403 892683

At Indigo we have clients from a wide spectrum of industries. However, we pride ourselves on our knowledge of accountancy in the music or entertainment industry and many of our clients are musicians, performers, producers, writers or are otherwise involved in multimedia business.

Mark Carr & Co

Based in: Hove and London

{t} 01273 778802 and 020 7717 8474

Our principal expertise is supplying accounting and taxation services to the entertainment industry. We act for actors, dancers, writers and agents among other professions within the industry.

Martin Greene

Based in: London

{t} 020 7625 4545

As with all aspects of the entertainment industry, we work closely with lawyers on all contractual, tax planning and commercial matters. These include intellectual property exploitation and protection, recording and licensing contracts.

MGI Midgley Snelling

Based in: London & Weybridge

{t} 020 7836 9671 & 01932 853 393

Since our formation, we have built a strong tradition of delivering specialist services to clients associated with the entertainment industry and have a thorough knowledge and understanding of this unique industry.

Saffery Champness

Based in: London

{t} 020 7841 4000

Our specialist media and entertainment team act as enthusiastic and trusted advisers to the creative industries sector, to both businesses and individuals operating within it. The group possesses particular experience in the fields of advertising, marketing and PR, film and broadcasting, music, publishing, sport, theatres, and talent agencies.

Sloane & Co

Based in: London

{t} 020 7221 3292

Sloane & Co., founded in 1974 by David Sloane, is a firm of Accountants offering a wide range of financial services of particular concern to organisations and individuals working in the entertainment field.

Taylorcocks (Bournemouth)

Based in: Bournemouth

{t} 0370 770 8111

For many years we have provided specialist accounting, taxation, business and financial advice to the leisure and entertainment industry. Our knowledge and experience mean that we understand the special requirements of the sector.

Taylorcocks (Farnham)

Based in: Farnham

{t} 0370 770 8111

Taylorcocks (London - Fulham)

Based in: London - Fulham

{t} 0370 770 8111

Taylorcocks (London - Soho)

Based in: London - Soho

{t} 0370 770 8111

Taylorcocks (Portsmouth)

Based in: Portsmouth

{t} 0370 770 8111

Taylorcocks (Oxford)

Based in: Oxford

{t} 0370 770 8111

Taylorcocks (Reading)

Based in: Reading

{t} 0370 770 8111

Taylorcocks (Southampton)

Based in: Southampton

{t} 0370 770 8111

TWD Accountants

[t] 0800 093 9433

TWD Accountants is one of the UK's leading low cost, fixed fee tax accountancy services. With over 30 years experience in practice we provide advice and guidelines to help actors and sole traders find their way through the UK tax maze. As well as helping many actors with their personal tax issues, we secure tax refunds and carry out tax health-checks. Our 90 strong team of qualified accountants and senior ex-Revenue staff offer a nationwide service with clients spread through out the UK. In most cases, our unique systems mean there is no need for face to face meetings, which helps maintain lower costs lower and avoiding the need for the soaring hourly charges usually associated with traditional high street accountants.